Searching around Youtube and found these Upstate NY rappers siege and Blaze…

My Shield

All alone on my huge bed
Curled up in a mini ball
No one can see my tears
I’m invisible
I shield my little ears
Unable to hear the horrible screams

The heart breaking screams
It’s pain to my ears
Nothing can shield me, not even my little ball
On my huge bed
I’m invisible No one can see my tears

My cheeks are stained with tears
I scream
You can’t see me I’m invisible
I’m suppose to be alone on my huge bed
What has happened to my shield, my little ball
The horrible sounds once again fill my ears

I have no voice how can my sobs fill his ears
No one is suppose to see my tears
No one is suppose to see my shield, my little ball
I’m not suppose to hear those horrible screams
I’m suppose to be alone on my huge bed
I’m suppose to be invisible

He can see me, I’m no longer invisible
His wonderful words feel my ears
"My sister you shouldn’t have to sit here on this huge bed
Let me wipe away those sad tears
Get away from all the screams
Lean on me, you don’t need your shield, your little ball

You shouldn’t have to curl up in a ball
You are no longer invisible
Be Happy, get far away from the screams
Unshield those little ears
Don’t stain those beautiful cheeks with those ugly tears
Follow me, don’t waist anymore time on this bed”

His words filled my little ears, I smiled up to him and wiped away mytears
I no longer need to shield myself from the screams, I no longer have a shield, my mini ball
I hop off of my big bed, I smile big at my big brother, for once someone sees me, I’m no longer invisible

Missing You.

I miss you so much
I miss the way you cared for me and love me so
You gave me hugs when i was sad
You calmed me down when i was mad
You was always there to pick me up
When i cried you wiped my teary eyes
You brought me confidence everyday
But now your gone and so far away
I asked god why, why did he have to take my dad away
I cried for weeks, no months at a time
I still cry til this day and i just don’t know why
I miss you so much
Sometimes i can feel your touch
And hear your voice ringing in my head
For 5 months I hoped and prayed that you would pull out of the comma
That is until I got the call
Sometimes I wish he would’ve taken me instead

MOOD: sad